Lab Architecture Studio Pty Ltd

Telephone: 03 9612 1026
Fax: 03 9620 3088
Address: Level 4 325 Flinders Lane
State: VIC - Victoria
Postal code: 3000
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Category: Architect
AL No.LK43105-3992-56
Lab architecture studio is an international architectural practice pursuing the formulation of original, challenging contemporary building projects. as architects and urban designers, our principle aim is to provide the spatial imagination necessary for constructing a new sensibility towards designing innovative and viable buildings within the confines of real world constraints and opportunities.

through completed works, competitions and current projects, Lab architecture studio has consistently proposed a re-invigorated and expanded exploration of the effects of new organisational and ordering strategies through architectural form - a Laboratory of architectural speculation. these strategies have provided important new examples of built form, effective in accommodating new urban, institutional and commercial activities.

it is our belief that the social dimension of space lies in its ability to be materialised and conceptualised by means of new and evermore imaginative spatial orderings.

Lab architecture studio operates a critical design approach which recognises the inherent complexity in building and construction and which harnesses this complexity to produce projects that are robust and adaptable. it is a practice where design and tactical decisions operate in relationship to the numerous constraints and unforeseen developments of any project, whether large or small. the ability to not only accept change and alteration, but to use these critical events in a productive and reinvigorating manner is central to any progressive architectural practice.
Lab values continuing collaborations with a number of other practices; structural engineers, environmental engineers, media and graphic consultants, as well as artists. the work of the studio addresses the need to maintain overall coherence of any project (building, master plan, infrastructure) whilst accommodating the important differences of the many constituent elements of that project.

Lab's approach is not about imposing a single vision or pre-determined lineage upon any specific project brief and prevailing conditions, but rather engaging in a collaborative design and consultative process to harness the full and inherent possibilities available to facilitate the emergence of a particular and appropriate response to the unique challenges in every project.

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